Ep14. The Big Man, Winfield Scott

Hey! After a two-month hiatus, Episode 14 is here!

It’s all about General Winfield Scott, a.k.a. the Grand Old Man of the Army, a.k.a. Old Fuss and Feathers, the highest ranking military man to run for president (and lose).

Take a gander at old Winfield.


Here he is in resplendent portraiture, probably just a few years before his election.


He also posed for photos, in his finery.


Whoa. Get off my porch, whippersnapper. Yes sir, I will. Absolutely.

[http://www.georgecatlin.org/General-Winfield-Scott-(1786-1866),-c.1835-large.html George Catlin]

A typically serious face in an earlier portrait.


An even earlier portrait shows a slimmer Winfield, inexplicably black and white against a color background.

Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 11.23.30 AM

A photo during the Civil War.


A much-later colorization of that earlier photo.


Fun fact: Winfield Scott could at times manifest Mufasa-like over the field of battle.

Winfield Scott Warof1812

In his youth, he was a strapping, beefish figure and would totally be played by Channing Tatum.


This is a bust of him in his youth. That hair. Super hot.


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