Barry Goldwater: the Ted Cruz of 1964

In your back, you know we’re… back.

Okay, sorry for the awful rhyme. But we’re back! With a brand new episode all about conservative-libertarian uber-icon Barry Goldwater! By all accounts, Goldwater would have been the most conservative president of probably all time – much like our own recent ex-candidate Ted Cruz.

Goldwater, a war hero, businessman and Senator, lost in a nuclear landslide to Lyndon B. Johnson. But in doing so, he repositioned the GOP as a conservative, Southern and Midwestern party, ushering in the rise of Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes and the GOP dominance of the nation that persists today.

But how would he have been as president? Would he, as he stated, use nuclear weapons to obliterate Vietnam? And if so, what would happen?

Listen here to find out


Your quintessential Goldwater. The glasses. The lantern jaw. The I-can-tell-you’re-bullshitting-me stare.


Goldwater in mid-speech.


A 1980s Goldwater – apparently taken at his family’s department store, Goldwater’s.


Goldwater with his VP choice, Bill Miller.


Remember chemistry class? No? Okay, then this button means nothing to you.


When Goldwater came out with THIS tagline…


The Democrats responded with THIS tagline.


A younger, 1950s Goldwater.


A younger, 1940s Goldwater.


How young we going here?


This is my favorite. Barry just looks awesome here.


“I don’t always run for President… But when I do, I promise to nuke Vietnam and roll back civil rights.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.22.12 PM.png

But guess who hearted Goldwater? Yep, America’s little darling, Hillary Rodham.


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