Horatio Seymour, the Great Decliner of 1868.

Horatio Seymour, Governor of New York, Democrat, most certainly did NOT want to be a candidate for president. The same as he had not wanted to be Governor, or Senator, or Mayor of Utica, or anything really except an upstate farmer and amateur historian.

But he didn’t get his wish. Although maybe he did in the end – he was routed by General Ulysses S. Grant in the election of 1868.

What would life have been like if the Great Decliner had refused himself into office?

Listen here.


The quintessential Horatio Seymour. Warm eyes. Bald head. Epic neckbeard.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 3.29.08 PM.png

The neckbeard persisted, even in the painted form.


The older statesman.


The younger, very reluctant upstart.


The Democratic ticket gets photographed, 1868.


Typical pamphlet of the time.


And the typical Tribune-style mockery of Seymour.


From Horatio Seymour! the Video Game.





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